Mia Shimmers and Shines

When Ronika, called to book an event session for Mia’s 3rd birthday celebration I was super excited to hear that the theme was ‘Shimmer and Shine’. In my mind I just thought gold and glitter…….little did I know that Shimmer and Shine are two genies-in-training who are stars on the Nickelodeon channel. LOL (What do I know? My ‘kids’ have outgrown that channel far too many years ago.) :-)

I absolutely loved what Berry and Flambé created for Mia…and yes there was glitter and gold involved, but also lots of purple, pink and blue. Vibrant, happy, rich colours that fit in perfectly with this magical theme.

An assortment of creative sweet treats adorned the table on each side of the birthday cake as well as decadent, mouth-watering cakes from Tessa’s bakery. Why is Dora on the birthday cake you ask – well, that was something special that event planners added as Mia also loves Dora the Explorer.

Lawn games, face painting and obviously a little magic kept the kids entertained.

This was a special celebration for a shy, sweet little girl who is loved by her family and friends. Mia, may all your birthday wishes come true.

Much love



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