The other side

You have to practice what you preach and one certainly learns by doing!

I was in the process of updating my website and wanted to update the images on my “About Me” page. I booked a family shoot with Candice Murison Photography and thought I’d use individual images of me on the page. We last did a family shoot 4 years ago (ridiculous – I know!) and getting my adult children to participate was less painful than I thought (they did it for Mommy). :-)

I train at Central Park often and love how they have beautifully designed and combined the urban & green space and therefore chose this as our location.

Being on the other side of the camera was quite an experience – a learning experience. I got to observe how Candice works and went through all the emotions of being a client preparing for a session. This may sound dramatic, but combining the right outfits was very stressful for me. I love it when my clients use colour and imagination and actually put thought into what they wear. I also had to consider that these images were going to portray me on a business platform and really wanted to get it right.

Here are a few pointers for a beautiful session:

  • Choose one person’s outfit and coordinate everyone else’s around that

  • Don’t be afraid of colour (jeans and white t-shirts are flippen boring)

  • Give yourself enough time (for shopping) between making the appointment and the actual shoot

  • I chose to wear a dress. It makes me feel feminine & pretty and the style allowed the wind to play with the material adding an extra dimension to an image. It was also comfortable so I could sit down or climb up should it have been required. Consider what you wear and ensure it is appropriate to the location.

  • Lay out the clothes and ensure that all the outfits work no matter who is paired with who.

  • Do not wear heavily branded tops with logos and distracting patterns.

On the day of the shoot:

  • Ensure that you have prepped properly. Clean, cut or painted nails always looks pretty.

  • Moisturized body parts look sensual compared to dry hands and feet. LOL.

  • Look like you – just polished. Do not overdue the makeup.

  • Arrive on time. I say this…but I was 5 minutes late! Uuuuggh! This causes stress, may aggravate your photographer (not Candice or I though in this situation) and may shorten your session time.

  • Come prepared to enjoy yourself and just be in the moment.

Thank you Candice for the beautiful images - for your patience, creativity and your passion for people and the art. May your business grow from strength to strength.

Here are a few images of a wonderful session with my most favourite people in the whole world.

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